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I want to inspire people. I know that my story of harm is unique - both in the kind of violence I experienced and in how I responded to it by making the thing that almost ended me the thing I made a career out of. I also think my approach to it is unique.
Dr. Alissa R. Ackerman

Dr. Ackerman is an internationally sought-after speaker who focuses on topics related to sexual violence, healing from trauma, sex crimes policy and practice, restorative justice, restorative practices, and restorative living. 

Dr. Ackerman is a professor of criminal justice and sex crimes expert. For more than 15 years she has studied every aspect of sexual abuse and the criminal justice policies used after it occurs.  She is internationally recognized for her contributions to the field and her innovative approach that has helped hundreds of people on their path toward healing. 



Art takes the shape of so many things to so many people.  To some, it's a gateway; to others, a healer.  To Dr. Ackerman, it's a messenger.  Openly and vulnerably, Alissa shares herself through her art - inevitably telling stories of her past, present and future. 

Purpose unwavered.
Passion unshakened.

Dr. Alissa R. Ackerman is a “pracademic” and “survivor scholar” in that she incorporates her academic training, practitioner, and personal experiences with sexual violence into her public speaking. Alissa is the co-founder and owner of Ampersands Restorative Justice and is a Criminal Justice professor at California State University, Fullerton.  Alissa has dedicated her career to understanding everything she can about sexual offending, the impacts of sexual victimization, and restorative options for those impacted by sexual harm.

Dr. Alissa R. Ackerman


I want to offer people something different, a new way of thinking about sexual violence.  I want to offer people hope. 


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