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Dr. Gwenda M. Willis, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Auckland

Alissa captivated the audience, sharing her own stories – through both words and her own personal artwork – to offer a brave, balanced and thought provoking perspective on responding to and preventing sexual abuse.  Many conference attendees described Alissa’s talk as the highlight of the conference.  Thank you for being you, Alissa!  ​

Restorative Justice participant/ person who committed rape

I looked Alissa up online and was scared, intimidated, and anxious. I didn’t know what restorative justice meant… When I looked Alissa’s site, I saw this person that empowers women and thought she might try to strike me down. I was scared. The survivor reached out to Alissa and asked that I talk with her. It only took about 30 seconds for me to trust Alissa. She is an incredible person who I’ve said lives on a higher level of consciousness. During the initial discussion, I immediately felt comfortable to share my past transgressions. She talked about the process that the survivor and I would go through and prepared me for the initial meeting. 

Advocate &
Relator &

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